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How to win at craps

June 14, 2010 by mrdice  
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So, you want to know how to win at craps

I’m always asked if I have a craps strategy that will always win at the craps table.
It’s not a simple answer.
Of all the best craps strategies that may exist, there is simply no unbeatable craps strategy if it doesn’t involve
dice control.
That pricey how to win at craps book that teaches you how to win at craps in Vegas is useless if it doesn’t give
some dice control tips.
You can never learn how to win at craps if can’t learn how to shoot craps dice.

Every single bet and betting combination was tested and constructed so that the casino will make money off the players

So the answer to knowing how to win at craps doesn’t lie in a special craps betting strategy.
Sure, you must learn to minimize your losses by choosing smart bets where the casino doesn’t make that much off you.
But the key is taking that house edge away.

It starts with dice control, and playing into this advantage

The term dice control might be a bit misleading.
You can’t actually control the dice.
But the idea is to just narrow down the results, and hopefully lower the 7’s chances of rolling.
So, you must learn how to shoot craps correctly.

Next, play into your advantage, and bet only bets that will make you money

Stay way from proposition bets (AKA, sucker bets – Hi/Lo, Craps bets, hardways, etc).
The Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line have proven over and over to be the best when the odds are maxed out.
This is the classic way to know how to win at craps.
If you want more action, only play with profits.

Lastly, play with other players only if you have to

Bet as little as you can on another shooter at the craps table.
This way you preserve your money for someone you know will make you money – YOU!

I also advise to stay away from online casino craps.
Since there’s no craps betting strategies that actually work, you’ll just lose your money over time.

So here’s a summary of a simple how to win at craps method:

  • Expect to lose your money – so don’t use important money.  Let your profits surprise you
  • Learn and practice dice control
  • Look into some craps strategies that teach how to play craps with low house edges
  • Know the craps table rules and the craps payout table
  • Have fun!

It’s not difficult to know how to win at craps – just be patient, and play smart.
Good Luck!!

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