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How to Build a bankroll

August 4, 2010 by mrdice  
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Build a bankroll and play with a peaceful mind

Building a bankroll is easier than you think.  It just requires patience and discipline.

First off, you need an income, of course.  Saving only about 2-10% of each paycheck should start helping you build a great bankroll to gamble with.

Now, knowing most gamblers – this is not enough.  Another additional method is to lower your bills.

Lower Bills

Isn’t it logical that if you lower monthly bills, you’ll have more money in your pocket; or in this case your bankroll?

Here’s an article to lower bills and not sacrifice any of your luxuries/features.  It also explains how to lower phone bills and help lowering credit card debt.  It’s a good read for sure.  For example, you could keep all your Cable TV (or satellite TV) channels and still lower your bills!

Gamble intelligently

If you’re trying to save up a good bankroll for craps, and you’re playing while doing it, then make sure to play wisely.  Don’t play sucker bets, and don’t press when you’re not even in profit yet.  And more importantly, if you’re saving 10% from each check, then don’t lose more than 20% of your buy-in.  There’s nothing worse than spending all that time saving just to blow it all in one day.

Get rid of possible debts

Credit card debt, medical bills, car loans, etc just take chunks out of your earnings.  If possible, consider debt consolidation to only have one small payment instead of 5.  And don’t get yourself in needless debt.  Buying a new car just for the sake of buying one is really hurting people these days.  Buy a used car on CraigsList, or somewhere, and repair when needed.  Even if repairs are $2,000 in one year (highly unlikely , and it’s not going to be that every year), it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than $3,600 per year for the next 15 years.

Building a killer bankroll isn’t rocket science.  A little bit goes a long way.  Once you have a bankroll, you’ll never have to play with scared money – since you’re not worried that your bankroll has to pay any bills.

Good Luck!

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